What Type of Fence Post Should I get?

Wooden Posts
Wooden posts are great for their appearance but come with a lot of added maintenance that you wouldn’t get with concrete posts. One factor is their sturdiness; Wooden posts have to be planted deeper into the ground in order for them to have the same strength as a concrete post would. Wood posts also are subject to weather conditions and will therefore rot eventually. However wooden posts can be treated before being planted in order to preserve them so they will last longer and add a more eye-pleasing look to your garden.

Concrete Posts
Concrete posts are the most hard-wearing fence post choice. The are very sturdy as well as extremely weather resistant in all conditions. Concrete posts can also be matched to gravel board which will not only give your garden an appealing finish but also protect fence panels from water damage that will come from the ground. One thing to note when choosing concrete posts is that they are very heavy and therefore you may need assistance when installing them.